Systems Engineering

Agile's systems engineering expertise spans tactical communications system design, development, and fielding

Operational & Systems Architecture Development

Our engineers’ significant subject matter expertise directly supports critical steps in the operational architecture development process.

  • Identification of operational/system parameters that drive the architecture evaluation process.
  • Interpretation of DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) products for use by the architecture development effort.
  • Critical C4ISR operational thread assessment in support of networked system construction and evaluation.
  • Operational scenario design/development that combines mission objectives with the reality of real world operational environments.

Network Systems Engineering

Agile provides complete, end-to-end wireless tactical networking expertise. Our experience allows us to develop networks and networking threads that consider the capabilities and limitations of wireless tactical and commercial waveforms. Agile’s engineers have leveraged this expertise to create robust networking designs addressing lower echelon inter-networking issues.

Network Management

The configuration phase of fielding a mobile tactical communications system is a significant issue. Platform communications installations are increasingly complex, and consist of equipment that require significant configuration management planning. Incorrect configurations are costly to repair, and may jeopardize the validity of fielded exercise results. Agile’s engineers are embedded in current efforts aiming to simplify configuration management and integrate platform/network level configuration validation into the fielding process.