Network Rapid Analysis Toolkit (NetRAT)

Analyzing embedded protocol behavior and its effect on system performance

Lab And Field Testing

NetRAT™ software can be deployed on a variety of COTS computing form factors including rack mount servers, desktop PCs, and laptops allowing programs to select equipment that meets their specific requirements. The same NetRAT software is used for both lab and field environments providing a seamless transition as test needs and environments change. Use of common tests between lab and field ensures consistency and repeatability of testing throughout development, trial, and implementation. Tests can be designed and verified in the lab to minimize time spent debugging during resource intensive field tests. With the portable NetRAT-Handheld platform, dismount soldiers and vehicles can be instrumented as easily and completely as command posts and labs.

Performance Metrics

Using automated Data Collection, Reduction and Analysis (DCRA), the NetRAT system generates reports for network performance metrics such as delay, throughput, and Message Completion Rate (MCR) shortly after a test run has been completed. The rapid turn around of these analysis data products allows the results for one test run to be used to fine tune additional test runs within the same test event.


Designed based on Agile’s own experience with tactical radio and tactical network testing, the NetRAT system is ideally suited for testing with radios, waveforms, and networks such as SRW, WNW, ANW2, PRC-117G, SideHat, RT-1523, PRC-154, and PRC-155. The types of testing that the NetRAT system can be applied to includes development testing, CDT/FQT, waveform IV&V, SIQ, SIT, and KPP conformance.


The NetRAT system can control GPIB (IEEE-488) capable devices to manage external resources during execution of a test. Examples include controlling power supplies to power on/off devices, enabling signal generators to inject noise/jamming into the network under test, and manipulating RF matrices to make/break radio links. Data collection using standard SNMP (v1, v2c, v3) GETs and traps is also supported. All NetRAT endpoints are time-synchronized via either NTP or GPS for consistent time stamping of data.

Beyond Black Box Testing

The NetRAT system can be extended beyond typical DCRA features to provide custom instrumentation and reporting solutions. One example is to capture internal waveform statistics during a test, such as adjacency and neighbor information, to allow correlation of this data to other network performance data. Another example is to capture message content specific to a tactical application or system.