System Architecture

  • System on Module: Texas Instruments DM3730 (Davinci) and AM3703 (Sitara) options, C/I-Temp available
  • System Memory: 256/512 MB Mobile DDR SDRAM
  • File System & Data Storage: 512MB on board NAND, internal SDHC card (16 GB class 10 factory installed)
  • Embedded GPS receiver: 1PPS system clock sync, NMEA
  • Embedded WiFi (b/g/n) / Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Operating System: Linux version 3.x

User Interface

  • Hardware Status LEDs: WiFi, GPS, Memory Utilization, Battery Level, Programmable Status Indicator
  • Touchpad supporting default device control functions and software-defined application software behavior

Data I/O

  • Ethernet (2): Primary 10/100 with POE (802.3af), secondary 10/100 port
  • Serial (1): Simple RS-232 (TX, RX, GND)
  • V2.0 USB Host (2): USB1 provides a maximum 350 mA output, USB2 provides a maximum 150 mA output
  • WiFi (b/g/n): Infrastructure and ad hoc mode support
  • Audio: Isolated Mono Audio Input/Output Lines, speaker output line (audio monitor)
  • GPIO (1): Isolated GPIO output
  • DC Input: 5 – 36 VDC

** Custom interface configurations available via RFQ **


  • Software Packaging: Yocto / Open Embedded, ipkg/opkg client
  • Admin Interface (RS-232): Linux console port


  • Enclosure: Handheld Form Factor, 1.75” (h) x 3.5” (w) x 6.5” (l), metalized interior for improved EMI performance
  • Instrumentation Connector: 26 pin, push/pull
  • External GPS Connector: SMA
  • External WiFi/BT Connector: SMA-RP
  • Mounting Support: General purpose external threaded inserts support belt clip (included) or custom mount fixtures, integrated loop holes support strapping mechanism
  • Weight: ~ 2 lbs


  • Designed for use in outdoor, field test environments (temperature/humidity, vibration/shock, dust/sand, etc.).
  • Commercial temperature range standard, optional industrial temperature range available.


  • Internal Battery Pack: 10400 mAh Lithium-Ion, nominal 12-14 hours of operation without recharge.
  • Power Consumption: 300-500 mA (nominal operation), varies with GPS, WiFi, and interface/processor usage characteristics
  • External Power & Re-charging: Power over Ethernet (12W POE), DC Power Input (recommended source 12VDC/1A recharger)

Optional Software