Designed for your current and future applications...

Open Software Architecture

A Linux-based software environment puts you in charge. Manage custom software packages and installations using the Yocto and Open Embedded software packaging system. The NetRAT-Handheld (NetRAT-HH™) client software suite is an example of our own instrumentation client software suite running on the handheld. Read more about our instrumentation software

Durability & EMI

An injection molded PC/ABS enclosure and sealed connectors provide a robust solution for fielded operation. The enclosure’s metalized interior provides enhanced EMI performance that is aligned with co-site RF environments.

Integrated GPS

Precise system clock synchronization (1PPS) supports distributed time synchronization for data logging (time stamping), software automation, and scripted instrumentation functionality (e.g., traffic generation, data collection, etc.). NMEA based position logging supports location-based application functionality and geo-spatial analysis.

Connectivity Options

Key a radio and send voice, transmit data, control an old piece of hardware with the serial interface. WiFi, Ethernet, USB, serial, audio, and GPIO interface options ensure that you have what you need as your physical requirements change.

Power Management

An internal 10,400 mAh battery pack supports full day standalone operation. Recharging and extended operation is supported by Power over Ethernet (POE) or DC power interfaces.

Automation & Monitoring

Automated application management, a programmable keypad, and configurable status indicators provide you with the ability to implement your application specific software control and monitoring process.

Customization & Branding

Want to make it your own? The handheld’s modular architecture was designed for customization. Simple modifications such as enclosure color front panel graphics allow you to implement an HMI addressing your use case or customer focus inexpensively. The hardware can be modified to support your needs. Whatever the objective, Agile is ready to help you achieve it.

Technical Support

Our goal is your success. A fully functional, off-the-shelf handheld platform with easy-to-use programmability APIs clearly documented. If you would like to discuss your specific application, contact us at