Network Rapid Analysis Toolkit (NetRAT)

Analytical consistency and seamless migration between lab and field

Agile’s Experience at Work

The NetRAT™ (Network Rapid Analysis Toolkit) system is a powerful suite of software and hardware tools for evaluating the performance of tactical communications networks. Leveraging the extensive lab and field testing experience of Agile Communications, Inc., NetRAT client/server software provides a unified framework for test scenario creation, traffic generation, traffic capture, and network performance analysis. The NetRAT system can generate reports characterizing network performance within minutes after a test as opposed to the days or weeks typically associated with post-event data analysis.

Anywhere You Need It

NetRAT software runs on standard COTS computers as well as on Agile’s unique Ruggedized Handheld platform. The NetRAT-Handheld is a portable, battery operated and ruggedized platform that is ideally suited for lab/field/mobile use, dismounts, aircraft, vehicles, and for any other situation where size, weight, and power (SWAP) is a consideration.

Realistic Loading/Comprehensive Monitoring

NetRAT clients generate and receive network traffic to simulate users, hosts, and tactical applications. Generation of both TCP and UDP (unicast and multicast) traffic is supported. Passive monitoring (packet sniffing) allows NetRAT clients to capture data generated by other live systems and applications. In addition, the NetRAT-Handheld platform provides automated generation and recording of voice traffic on PTT radios.

Ease of Use

Network traffic loads are defined with an easy to use, graphical, web based tool – no need to learn a cryptic file or script based system. The NetRAT server centrally manages test execution and automatically harvests data captured by NetRAT clients. Test data is analyzed and reduced by the NetRAT server and summarized in a wide array of graphical performance charts that can be used directly in written test reports. The NetRAT system handles the tedious data collection and correlation work and frees test personnel to focus on analysis and interpretation of performance results.

Support That Fits Your Needs

Agile will tailor sourcing and support options in order to meet each individual customer’s needs and level of expertise – from software only to turnkey systems. The NetRAT system can be supplied with or without Agile engineering resources to plan, design, and execute tests.

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