Agile Communications, Inc. is a dedicated group of engineers with hands-on experience in the architecture and design of large scale networks and applications for harsh environments. Since our inception we have expanded to include industry experts in Modeling & Simulation as well as Software Development.

Find out moreOperational and System Architectures
• Uniquely translate between operational and technical system considerations.
• Identify and negotiate new operational methods given realistic system capabilities.
• Keep warfighter considerations central to follow-on system development activities.

Find out moreModeling & Simulation
• Never model for modeling’s sake.
• Timely results relevant to today’s warfighter
• World class expertise with tools such as OPNET and QualNet.

Find out moreNetwork Systems Engineering
• Broad expertise ranging from waveform development through all layer 3 considerations, to network enabled applications.
• Fielded network & protocol designs proven effective for the warfighter.

Find out moreNetworked System Evaluation
• Hands-on experience in lab, field, developmental, and operational testing, in highly complex system of systems environments
• Unique to the industry approach to correlating waveform specific analysis with larger network analysis products
• Agile’s T&E tools keep many disparate system components on the “same sheet of music” for analysis, resulting in an effectively communicating warfighter.
From architecture definition to fielding, Agile is your severe environment wireless networking expert.
A small, focused organization of experts, Agile uniquely straddles the boundary between government and large industry environments, complementing each. The application of emerging commercial technology to military needs and of military concepts to commercial systems is a principle mission.

Agile offers an organization with hands-on experience in large-scale systems and “system of systems” deployment. Our experience runs from design and modeling to testing and analysis in mobile, distributed, and harsh environments. We are currently applying this expertise to legacy and next generation systems of all sizes. Our knowledge of, and experience with, all forms of terrestrial and satellite communications technologies and their users gives us a broad view, and allows us to keep our customers informed and away from developmental dead ends.

Agile maintains a robust Research & Development team – uncommon for a small business. Our NetRAT™ suite of automated network test and analysis software and hardware is becoming a standard for evaluating modern wireless network communications.
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