Operational and System Architectures

  • Uniquely translate between operational and technical system considerations.
  • Identify and negotiate new operational methods given realistic system capabilities.
  • Keep warfighter considerations central to follow-on system development activities.

Modeling & Simulation

  • Never model for modeling’s sake.
  • Timely results relevant to today’s warfighter
  • World class expertise with tools such as OPNET and QualNet.

Network Systems Engineering

  • Broad expertise ranging from waveform development through all layer 3 considerations, to network enabled applications.
  • Fielded network & protocol designs proven effective for the warfighter.

Networked System Evaluation

  • Hands-on experience in lab, field, developmental, and operational testing, in highly complex system of systems environments
  • Unique to the industry approach to correlating waveform specific analysis with larger network analysis products
  • Agile’s T&E tools keep many disparate system components on the “same sheet of music” for analysis, resulting in an effectively communicating warfighter.