Networked System Test & Evaluation

Our experience, skill set, and NetRAT capability provides you with a turn key solution for your test program needs

Requirements Analysis & Traceability

Our ability to define meaningful assessment objectives and metrics results in test events that produce technically and operationally relevant results. More importantly, our ‘design for test’ approach to system development ensures that a robust test infrastructure and system under test functionality will be in place to support protocol evaluation and requirements verification objectives.

Test Planning and Procedure Definition

A wide array of networked system test programs has given us the experience to develop test plans and procedures that reduce risk and produce results. Whether your goal is rapid, iterative development or formal validation and verification testing, our test team has been there.

Test Execution

Our participation in all styles of network/system test events has produced a team that can adapt to any type of test effort. Robust, adaptive tests, as well as formal test events are equally familiar territory for Agile’s engineers. Our experience in the lab and field environments provides you with a seamless augmentation for your test program’s execution venues.

Network Load Test Results

Network Load Test Results

Integrated System Engineering - Test & Evaluation Environment

Integrated System Engineering – Test & Evaluation Environment

Analysis & Troubleshooting

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to real world testing of tactical communications systems. We have supported the analysis/troubleshooting effort on developmental engineering tests and rapid system assessment, modification, and re-test cycles. Our experiences have taught us that the true value in our approach to networked system testing comes from an analytical process that correlates configuration settings with multi-layer protocol behaviors, and their effect on system performance.

Report Generation & Post-Test Briefings

Our approach to analysis report generation starts with the requirements analysis effort. Analysis product definition, as a part of requirements analysis, ensures consistency and straightforward communication with customers. We know how to scale analysis products for a specific consumer, and have demonstrated our ability to produce on-the-fly custom reports for troubleshooting and ad hoc analysis objectives.