Network Verification Tool (NetVT)


Operating System:

  • Currently deployed on Linux running in a Virtual Machine
  • Can be deployed & hosted on other operating systems


  • Java application (for ease of transportability)


  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • Read-only access to tactical radios, managed switches, and routers
  • Ping/Arping
    • “Heartbeat” check on network devices

Software Components:

  • Mercury Web Service (MercuryWS)
    • Manages SNMP interface with radios using the Mercury API
  • MySQL database
    • Stores information on the devices that are present in the network and how they should be configured

Additional Interfaces/Protocols/Standards:

  • Extensible to support additional protocols, interfaces, and applications
  • Extensible to support network security features


Tactical Radios:

  • AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radio
  • AN/PRC-155 Manpack Radio
  • Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radios (MNVR)
  • Extensible to support additional radios

Managed Switches (such as the following):

  • Sixnet ET-8MG-MIL-1 8 Port Managed Switch
  • Sixnet SLX-5MS-1 5 Port Managed Switch
  • Extensible to support additional managed switches (and routers)

Host devices & other networked-connected systems

  • Any system that can respond to a “heartbeat” check
  • Examples include:
    • CROWS Encoder
    • Duke
    • Integrated Bridge