Customization and COTS hardware options provide a cost effective solution for your program

Hardware Configuration / Upgrade

A variety of components can be selected to meet your requirements. The device’s System-on-Module (SOM) has several configurations with varying temperature range, processing power, and system memory specs. The internal SDHC card can be selected to meet your capacity and speed demands.

GPS / WiFi Antennas

A wide variety of GPS and WiFi antennas are available from COTS vendors. The unit’s WiFi interface is SMA-RP supporting passive antennas. The GPS interface is SMA supporting active and passive antennas.

Test Interface & I/O Harness

All of the unit’s power, voice, and data interfaces are exposed using a GlenAir Mighty Mouse 804 series connector (26 pin). The default test harness provides access to all of the unit’s exposed interfaces but we can rapidly respond to requests for custom configurations.

External Power Sources

The handheld supports two types of external power inputs – Power over Ethernet (POE) and DC power. The DC input interface is specified at 6-32 VDC, supporting a simple ‘wall wart’ COTS 12VDC, 1A DC charger.

Enclosure Customization

Select an enclosure color and develop your own artwork to meet your application’s HMI requirements.

Replaceable Hardware

This handheld is not disposable. Electronic components can be repaired, replaced, and upgraded. Examples of replaceable HW are the handheld’s system-on-module (SOM), Li-Ion battery pack, SD card, GPS/Wifi internal RF cable assemblies, data connector/flex assembly, and the optional POE/audio expansion board.

Transit Case

We have developed a transit case for applications that require a rugged method for transporting handhelds, test harnesses, and accessory items. The 20 unit case provides a 3 tray foam cutout system for handhelds and general purpose storage.