The Rugged Platform For Instrumentation ... and more

NetRat HH

Coordinated, Distributed Testing

Modern tactical radios have become smaller, bringing high quality data connections to the warfighter. As leaders in the field of network waveform test and analysis, Agile recognized early on that a small, programmable instrumentation platform was needed to provide consistent test services across the lab and field environments. With our NetRAT client software installed, the rugged handheld becomes a small instrumentation device ideally suited for mobile tactical radio testing in the lab or field. Sub-millisecond accurate GPS timing permits coordinated data and voice transmission among multiple handhelds. Read more about our instrumentation software

Designed For Your Application

More than just an instrumentation device, our rugged handheld has been designed with an open source software architecture and connectivity options to meet your current and future needs. A Linux-based open software architecture gives you the flexibility to leverage third party software, implement a custom software solution, or both. Connectivity options include audio, GPIO, WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and serial (RS-232) interfaces. Several external power source options (POE, DC input) support battery pack recharging and a wide variety of external power solutions for extended operation. Even the handheld’s keypad and status LEDs are programmable, making your application’s HMI objectives easily achievable.

What’s Your Application?

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