NetConnect Tactical Router

The Perfect Tactical Router: Flexible, Rugged, and Inexpensive


Optimized for Tactical Networking

NetConnect™ is a rugged tactical router built for the stressful networking requirements of the tactical environment (i.e., highly mobile, severe outages, varying connectivity, unpredictable traffic patterns, and limited SWaP). It is capable of interconnecting disparate communication systems and tactical radios under varying link conditions into a single, cohesive integrated network. NetConnect has participated in multiple NIE rotations and was the only non-Cisco routing solution approved under the Vehicle Tactical Router RFQ.

Ideal for Networking Legacy Systems

NetConnect’s small size and power, multiple physical connection types (Ethernet, USB, Serial) and ability to host user developed applications make it perfect for “net enabling” older non-networked equipment. NetConnect systems are currently deployed to control legacy serial interfaced Electronic Warfare equipment over Ethernet.

RFC-Compliant Routing with Easy Configuration

NetConnect supports a mix of standardized router services with the ability to add routing extensions to meet your unique requirements:

  • RFC compliant unicast and multicast routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, IGMP Proxy
  • Quality of Service (QoS)-aware routing and managed policing/shaping that allows network administrators to identify different traffic flows and then treat them according to their individual requirements
  • Security using firewall, intrusion detection, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled functions
  • Tunneling to encapsulate arbitrary packets inside a transport protocol
  • Configuration and Network Management

Software Flexibility

NetConnect is built on a highly customizable, embedded modular Linux software architecture. With its dual core 1GHz processor, NetConnect can host custom configurations, newly developed protocols, system control software and solution specific applications, executed in conjunction with standard routing protocols. For example, the NetConnect can reference a tactical radio’s Management Information Base (MIB) to make routing decisions based on the RF situation – long before traditional routing protocols would react.

Hardware Flexibility

NetConnect offers four physical ports with flexible interfaces. Each port supports serial, Ethernet, and USB interfaces in any combination. NetConnect also includes hardware expansion support such as PCIe and SATA interfaces.

Compact with Low Power Requirements

NetConnect has a small form factor, around 95 in³ volume. It requires low power, 12 watts nominal, and weighs less than 3 lbs. This allows it to be easily integrated into almost any network environment. The aluminum extruded housing is built to withstand harsh Mil-Spec environments. Optionally, the NetConnect can be ordered in card form to allow for custom installations.

Cost Effective

The NetConnect is as much as 50% less expensive than competing routers while offering far greater flexibility.

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