Hardware Design Engineer – HDE01


Duties/Minimum Required Qualifications:

Experience with computer hardware engineering to include server architectures. Experience with US Army Common Operating Environment “COE” initiatives helpful. Working knowledge and subject matter expertise pertaining to Battle Command Common Services (BCCS) server and Tactical Services Infrastructure (TSI) hardware. Understanding of Virtual Machine architectures, hypervisors, storage allocations, and memory requirements. Experience with design and integration of JBCP, JCR, Mounted Mission Command (Frontline) and BFT2, BFT1 and Terrestrial Networks. Ability to integrated Command Post Computing Environment with Mounted Computing Environment

Education Preferred:

Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Sciences or Information Technology or similar)



Preferred Skills:

Operating System experience to include: Windows/Linux. Server Software experience to include: MS Active Directory, SQL, Postgres, VMWare, Wireshark, PowerShell, Wildfly, Java.

Tactical Software to include: CPCE, MMC, Sitaware HQ, Sitaware Frontline, FGSMS, ATAK

Data Formats to include: VMF, STC, CoT, XML


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